Visitors ID Gate Pass Maker Screenshots

Select Template Category

Select Template Category, Choose samples for your visitor ID Card.
Front Side

Enter visitor's details and add photo of visitor by capturing via camera option or by browsing path of image. You can add visitor's information to the database for maintaining visitors records.
Visitors Records

You can search particular visitor's details according to Name, Company Name, Phone Number, Email, Date Range etc. To view the particular visitor's information, double click on that visitor record in list. You can export (save) entire visitors records in excel file format by clicking on 'Export in Excel' button
Visitors Details

You can export (save) visitor ID card as image and as PDF file format. You can also print and email visitor ID card.
Print Settings

To print designed visitor ID card, set print settings such as Page Properties, Print Margin, Margins and Spacing, Sides and Alignment and click on 'Print' button.