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Time Lapse Video Maker

If you click multiple images from your smartphone or tablet and want to make a time-lapse video by using them, but you don’t have enough money to purchase video editor software, then don’t worry, you can use our free DRPU Time Lapse Video Maker. This software enables you to create amazing time-lapse videos by directly capturing images from a webcam or by using an image folder. There are mainly three image file formats (BMP, JPG, and PNG) supported by the software in order to make time-lapse videos. Software allows you to customize the time-lapse effect by changing the frame rate values.

# Steps to make stunning time-lapse videos with the help of DRPU Time Lapse Video Maker

Step 1 : Add the Images Select the capture device, resolution, and image format. Change the photo capture delay time and click on Start Capture button. The software automatically starts to capture the photos. Instead of photo capture, you can also click on Select Folder option to add the custom images saved in the computer system.

Step 2 : Modify Video and Audio Options In Video options, set the bitrate, codec (H.264, H.265, MJPEG, or MPEG-4), framerate, and mode (i420, iyuv, sepia, vintage, or monochrome). Set the resolution to default or choose your own defined value. You can also change the orientation of your time-lapse video. Enable the Make Reverse Video option if you want to generate your time-lapse video in reversed playback direction. In Audio options, set the video sound to mute or replace it with your own audio track saved on the PC by clicking on Browse Audio File option.

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Step 3 : Make the Time-Lapse Video Choose a specific name for your time-lapse video, select the save file format, and choose the particular location for your video. Now, click on Make Video button to initiate the time-lapse video creation process. After the creation of video, select the Play Video option and click Ok to play your created time-lapse video.

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Can I directly capture the images for the time-lapse video?

Yes, you can easily capture images directly by using the inbuilt capture option of DRPU Time-Lapse Video Maker.

Can I generate time-lapse videos in different orientations so that my video can run on any screen perfectly?

Yes, you can create your time-lapse videos in several orientations such as 90 deg clockwise, 90 deg anticlockwise, flip vertically, flip horizontally, or upside down.

Can I also add audio to my time-lapse video?

Yes, you can add your own custom audio track while making the time-lapse video.

Can I generate my time-lapse video in 4K quality?

Yes, you can easily create your time-lapse videos in 4K quality. Other than this, you can also choose many other formats like full HD, 720p, 480p, etc.

Can I crop or resize my time-lapse videos?

No, you can only create time-lapse videos by using this software. But, don’t worry you can use our Free DRPU Video Cropper Software to crop your time-lapse videos.