Freeware Tools for Windows

Modify videos using our Free Video Editing Software

Video Joiner

Video Joiner Software

Merge an unlimited number of video clips without any duration limit or file size into a single large one with the help of an effective Video Joiner Application.

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Video Reverser

Video Reverser Software

Reverse your high-quality video clips in a very easy way without any need for hardcore video editing skills by using the advanced Video Reverser Software.

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Video Splitter

Video Splitter Software

Split, cut, and trim your video clips into a large number of smaller parts for the Youtube shorts, or WhatsApp statuses by using the freeware Video Splitter Software.

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Time Lapse Video Maker

Time Lapse Video Maker

Time Lapse Video Maker allows you to create stunning time-lapse videos by using your saved images or directly captured photos through a webcam or some other connected camera.

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Video Rotation

Video Rotation Software

Rotate your video clips (recorded from tablets, smartphones, or some other camera device) in various orientations including 90 deg left, 180 deg, flip horizontal, etc.

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Video Cropper

Video Cropping Software

Crop your video clips into predefined or your own custom aspect ratios without compromising the quality by using the freeware Video Cropping Application.

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URL Checker

Free URL List Checker

Free URL List Checker Tool can monitor several kinds of URLs like valid domains, dead links, broken URLs, etc, and display various details including HTTP status info, redirect info, status codes, etc.

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OCR Software

Read Text from Image OCR Software

Easily convert your text present inside the image into modifiable excel and notepad files with the help of Read Text from Image OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Application.

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