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Quick Steps to merge multiple video files into a single one by using DRPU Video Joiner Software

Step 1: Add the Video Files Firstly, click on Add File option to add the video files one by one that you want to join. You can also click on Add Folder option to add multiple video files at once. You can also rearrange the inserted video files by using up and down arrows.

Step 2: Change Several Video Settings

Video Joiner Settings

Step 3: Save and Join your Bulk Video Files Choose the output format, name, and destination folder where you want to save your resulting merged video file. After that, click on the Start Join button to begin your video merging process. Once the videos have been joined successfully, select the Open File checkbox and click Ok to view your joined video.


How many videos can I join at a time by using DRPU Video Joiner Tool?

There is no limit to joining the videos, you can add an unlimited number of video clips at the same time.

Do I have to spend any money to merge the videos using DRPU Video Joiner Program?

Absolutely not, the video joiner program is totally freeware which means you don’t have to spend a single dollar to join the videos.

Can I join mp4 videos by using the DRPU Video Joiner Application?

You can easily join your mp4 videos with the help of this software. Rather, you can also join FLV, MOV, AVI, MTS, and many other video file formats as well.

Can I able to change the sound of my resulting merged video clip?

You can change the sound of your video even before actually starting the video joining process. You can mute, or replace the original audio track of your videos with a different one.

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